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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

10. SCR

At MHAO Group, we are committed to integrating environmental, social and ethical principles into our core business, enhancing long-term value and touching the lives of those we work with and the communities we work in. This is our guiding philosophy and ensures we remain an employer and partner of choice and a valued member of the business environment in the UAE and beyond. We pride ourselves on our strong values and ethics and follow international CSR best practices.

Our CSR policy encompasses four key pillars:

Workplace involvement

Our responsibility starts with taking care of our family—the dedicated MHAO Group employees. We have a defined standard of conduct, business policies and procedures to govern the treatment of our staff. These guidelines cover the topics of compensation, benefits, health and safety, diversity, work-life balance, employee input into management decisions, and employee training and development.

Marketplace involvement

As we value our customers and suppliers, MHAO strives to improve environmental and social outcomes through our provision of goods and services. We are responsible in our approach to procurement, supply chain relations, marketing, and advertising, and are committed to never exploiting our market position.

Community involvement

In line with our community principles, it is necessary that as we grow, we must give something back to society. These principles set out our approach to building positive relations with our local communities, be it through charities, community groups or other businesses in the social, cultural and educational arena. We have many ways of investing in the welfare of our neighbors, including employee volunteering, payroll giving, pro bono services and financial donations, among others.

Environment involvement

We are also fully committed to nurturing our environment. Complying with all relevant environmental legislation and finding new measures to reduce emissions, and reuse and recycle where possible, are responsibilities we take very seriously. That’s why we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce the use of energy and consumption of other resources, as well as decreasing waste while striving to work in an environmentally friendly way as much as possible at all times.

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