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Quality Management

Quality Management

7. Quality

At MHAO Group, our commitment is to provide high quality projects, services and products, which exceed our clients’ and stakeholders’ expectations.
We shall:

• Ensure that we determine external and internal issues to our operations and deliver a strategic response to achieve the desired result.
• Constantly evaluate the performance of our business units.
• Provide and implement a documented quality management system aligned to our products and services in accordance with international standards.
• Continually improve our performance.
• Consider quality planning and enhance desired effects to prevent undesired events thus achieving continuous improvement.
• Address risks and opportunities, and plan actions to manage their potential impact on the conformity of our products and services.
• Plan changes in accordance with the requirement of the business and consider their impact.

This policy is communicated throughout MHAO Group and the responsibilities for ensuring its implementation rest with our management.

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