2020: Towards the next 50

Company and nation – why serving both creates perfect symmetry

Contrary to popular belief, the higher tiers of business are not stand-alone entities.

Quite the opposite. It is the ground-breaking leaders of the world who have the power to change the globe in a dramatic and tangible way. There’s just one thing that they must do first: make it their core mission to serve their nation as well as their business.

Companies which find continued success over a span of decades understand that becoming a household name goes hand-in-hand with serving the nation at large.

In fact, this approach to the region’s needs is one of the major reasons why a company can maintain its position at the top of any business sector. Making connections and strengthening bonds with the wider community creates a sense of unity within any nation. Just as the heart pumps blood swiftly around the body, good businesses pump life into the nation.

So I would like to take the opportunity to delve deeper into this important link, and how all companies are deeply connected to our country.

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