Al Muttahida Limousine Service

Al Muttahida Limousine Service

At Al Muttahida Limousine Service, we provide luxury car rental services with a top-of-the-line fleet ranging from luxury to ultra-luxury vehicles.

Travel is exciting and exacting at the same time. And for frequent fliers, those touchdown moments mean getting back to the lap of luxury and comfort. At Al Muttahida, the master of Luxury rental car services, we understand the importance of inland travel.

We are critical about our existence on the right track, therefore we evolve in harmony with the world’s daily advancements to be the best at everything we offer and do at Al Muttahida.

Al Muttahida has at your disposal a top-of-the-line fleet that keeps you in the lap of luxury throughout your stay here. And for those doubly special journeys call for our prestigious and breathtaking Limousines to take you places.

Our experienced, professional and fully trained drivers continue to provide the highest possible standards consistently.

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Seven decades of leadership experience and innovative thinking has resulted in the realization of a vision of quality products, excellent service, professional management and a team of strong and committed people.